Who can purchase from the Diplomart?

Everyone (US direct hires, LES, guards) are able to shop at the store and purchase any of the food or snack items.

Can LE staff purchase alcohol from the store?

LE staff are able to purchase one bottle of wine or one 6-pack of beer per week. As liquor and tobacco are obtained duty-free, they are reserved for USDH with diplomatic duty-free privilege.

Who can place a special order for alcohol, perfume, or beauty products?

These orders are made with duty-free vendors and therefore can only be made by USDH and family members with diplomatic duty-free privilege in Belgium.

Who can purchase Embassy/USEU/NATO logo items?

Everyone can purchase logo items! These products are purchased from local Belgian vendors and business and are not duty-free.

Why are LE staff and guards unable to make duty-free purchases?

The Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) and associated handbooks (FAHs) provide regulations and policies for our operations. The regulation 6-FAM-540 states “in the interest of preserving good relations with the host government, a conscientious effort must be maintained to bar access (direct and otherwise), to all persons not authorized under 6-FAM-540 (eligible for duty free privileges) to utilize such facilities and services.”